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Midsize Law Firms Band Together

Florida Trend Magazine contained an article regarding the Florida Association of Managing Partners, Inc. ("FAMP"). Joseph Zumpano, Co-Chairman of FAMP, was quoted extensively in the article on issues ranging from recruiting attorneys to legal specialization. The article stated that ZP&W is "known for" health care law. Mr. Zumpano was quoted as stating that "Years ago, to be an institution, you had to be a very large firm. But now many midsized firms have become institutions within these expertises." Mr. Zumpano was also quoted regarding attracting and retaining "Generation X" attorneys, stating that "One of the things I see is an emphasis on mentorship. They want to know who they're going to be trained by. They want to know if they are going to have a chance to work with equity partners in the law firm or other high-ranking lawyers. It's important to them. They also have an emphasis on quality of life. Are they going to be able to have a well-rounded experience as a lawyer and still be a good husband or a good wife, a good mother or father?"

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