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law clerkS & interns

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Every summer and winter, Zumpano Patricios invites a select few students to join the firm’s Law Clerk Program (for law students) and Internship Program (for college level, and in rare circumstances, pre-college level students). Law clerks and interns are assigned to attorneys who guide their development through assignments and tasks that provide insight into life as a professional at our law firm. 

To be considered for a Law Clerk or Intern position, please submit your application materials (e.g. resumé or writing sample) to Gerard Williams at and Jose Lopez-Varela at

Regarding any writing sample you may send, please make sure such writing sample is appropriately redacted (with no metadata) so as to ensure all client confidentiality, if any, are protected and preserved.  Do not send the firm any writing sample that would reveal the identity of a client or breach any attorney-client privilege held between that client and any prior firm with which you clerked and/or interned (if applicable), or that would breach any other form of confidentiality.

*Notice for Summer 2024 Summer Law Clerk and Internship Program: We will be accepting applications beginning October 1, 2023, until March 1, 2024.*

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