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ZP&W Named a "Top Law Firm" by South Florida Legal Guide; ZP&W Lawyers Also Honored

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

The 2007 South Florida Legal Guide named Zumpano Patricio & Winker, P.A. a "Top Law Firm" in South Florida. Additionally, Joseph Zumpano, Leon Patricios, David Winker, and Grace Escalona were named as "Top Lawyers" in their fields of practice. Maritza Alvarez, Carmen Hellman and Heather Stoessel were named "Top Up and Comers" in the same publication. Lori Desnick's piece "Health Care Providers: Employing Excluded Parties Could Backfire" was also featured in the publication. This is the fourth consecutive year that ZP&W attorneys have been listed as "Top Lawyers" and the third consecutive year that ZP&W has been listed as a "Top Law Firm" in the South Florida Legal Guide.

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