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Hopeless Cases In Joey Zumpano's Book, They Don't Exist, Florida Super Lawyers Magazine

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

The Miami Herald contained an insert of this year’s Florida Super Lawyers magazine, which prominently features an article on Joseph Zumpano and his international and healthcare practice at Zumpano Patricios & Winker.  The article, featured on the front cover under the title “Hopeless Cases- In Joey Zumpano’s book, they don’t exist”, focuses on a number of significant legal victories by Mr. Zumpano in the face of overwhelming odds, including the collection of approximately $24 million in the historic legal case Weininger v. Castro, as well as the recent groundbreaking case in which a Bahamian trust was shattered and approximately $4 million was ordered on behalf of our client.  The article also highlights Mr. Zumpano’s family history in Cuba in giving historical context to Mr. Zumpano’s international law victories, as well as Mr. Zumpano’s efforts in rescuing 22 Cuban migrants in 2007.

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