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Zumpano Patricios Establishes New Office in Las Vegas

Updated: Jun 7

Zumpano Patricios unveils the opening of its new Las Vegas, Nevada Office, as well as new hires in its Miami and New York City Offices. Joe Zumpano, Zumpano Patricios president and managing shareholder, spoke with Law360 on the firm's selectivity in its hiring of attorneys and client engagements: "We don't want to be lawyers to everybody. We want to be for the clients for which we are a good fit... We don't plan on being a 1,000-lawyer law firm. That's not us. We occupy a high-end of the market and we're selective about the institutions and entities we represent as well as the high-net-worth individuals that we represent."

Follow the link to read the full article by Law360:

Law360: Florida's Zumpano Patricios Opens New Shop In Las Vegas

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