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ZP&W to Open Office in Italy

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

ZP&W to Open Office in Italy, The Coral Gables Gazette published an article on the expansion of Zumpano Patricios & Winker, P.A. into Italy. ZP&W executed an agreement with Bacciardi & Partners to open a Representative Office in Italy. Joseph Zumpano was quoted in the article, stating "We are very enthusiastic about working closely with the talented attorneys from Bacciardi & Partners. The practice areas and the corporate philosophy blend well with our firm and we are confident that this relationship will be beneficial to all." The article went on to explain ZP&W.s "innovative new globalism" model, outlining the firm's definition of its target market as the "stream of commerce between countries." Zumpano explained in the article that "the strategy behind 'new globalism' is to co-counsel with foreign law firms in order to capture commerce between nations, rather than to usurp opportunities from others in their native markets."

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