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Joe Zumpano and the Florida Association of Managing Partners Law Office Management & Administration

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

In an article on the pressures faced by managing partners, Law Office Management Administrative Report, discussed the Florida Association of Managing Partners, an association of managing partners of law firms in Southern Florida. For the past several years, this group of 18 managing partners has met numerous times a year to discuss common problems and to share tips and strategies for more effective management of their firms. Joe Zumpano, the Managing Partner of Zumpano Patricios & Winker, was quoted in the article and stated that "It's valuable to exchange different points of views and to be able to bounce your ideas off of other people." Prominent law firm consultants quoted in the article indicated that for now, groups similar to the Florida Association of Managing Partners are still relatively few and far between. "It wouldn't surprise me if we see more of these popping up," one of the consultants was quoted as stating in the article, "It's a brilliant idea."