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Updated: Jun 7

Zumpano Patricios is pleased to announce the acquisition of 328 Minorca Ave in Coral Gables, Florida. Attached, please find today’s Daily Business Review article, Commercial Real Estate News story, and Press Release regarding this transaction. Our firm’s Coral Gables Headquarters will now expand into a 15,000 square-foot office complex. The development composed of our adjacent buildings will be named “Counsel Commons.”

The Zumpano Patricios Headquarters will be redesigned by renowned architect, Ramon Pacheco, and will reflect the firm’s approach to its space through a tempered elegance. The “Counsel Commons” office complex will reflect a Mediterranean style and will contain forty (40) offices, four (4) conference rooms, and twenty (20) parking spaces.

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Updated: Jun 7

The Gian Zumpano Aquatic Center was built in 2018. A project led by Zumpano Patricios Founder & President, Joseph I. Zumpano, the Aquatic Center was built in memory of his late brother, Gian Zumpano.

This past weekend, the Aquatic Center hosted the state water polo championship between Belen Jesuit (20-0) and Dr. Phillips (30-0). Belen Jesuit came out on top. Belen Coach, Jimmy Aguilera, attributes the program's improvement to the construction of the Gian Zumpano Aquatic Center: "Prior to [the aquatic center's construction], we didn't have an adequate training facility. Now, we have 60 to 65 players in the program. From that group, we can choose the best players for varsity...The aquatic center helps us in every aspect of our preparation."

Read more from the Miami Herald: Four years after building its own aquatic center, Belen is a water polo state champ again

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Nicholas Rostow, Senior Partner, has been published in both the New York Law Journal and Jewish Policy Center regarding the stakes raised by Russia's invasion on the Ukraine: strategic, legal, and moral.

Read Rostow's full New York Law Journal commentary: At Issue In Ukraine

Read Rostow's full Jewish Policy Center commentary: Ukraine: The Stakes Can Not Be Higher

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