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Piercing a Bahamian Trust, South Florida Legal Guide 2009 Midyear Report

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

The South Florida Legal Guide 2009 Midyear Report prominently featured an article on the recent success of Joseph Zumpano in his seven-year battle to recover funds held in a Bahamian Trust on behalf of a divorcee whose husband had fled the United States and absconded with the couple’s considerable assets to the Bahamas.  Ultimately Mr. Zumpano, along with Leon Patricios and their team, were able to pierce the Bahamian Trust. The court ordered the turnover of approximately $4 million in assets to our client. Mr. Zumpano stated in the article that “[t]his was an incredibly important case in that a Bahamian court saw the reality of what occurred and stood up for justice and rule of law.”

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