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University of Milan, with highest honors, Bachelor of Jurisprudence, 1998

Preparatory Court of Qualification in Law at the Order of Lawyers of Milan, 2001

Preparation Court of Qualification in Law at Mariconda, 2002

International Court of Legal English at the International School of London, 2002

Stage in Notary Activity, Sept. 2005-July 2005




Ph: 011-39-025-0041618

Francesco Lenzi Levoni is an Attorney Coordinator for the Zumpano Patricios Satellite Offices in Milan, Italy. Mr. Lenzi is the managing shareholder and partner at the law firm of Lenzi Levoni Law Firm. Mr. Lenzi is experienced in civil, commercial and corporate law, including domestic and international credit recovery actions, family law matters, international commercial law, and real estate.

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