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key west &
the florida keys

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Our Satellite Office at 3158 Northside Drive in Key West, Florida is minutes from the courts and Monroe County Government Offices. Key West and The Florida Keys are unique. Their rich and distinct culture, history, as well as nuances of local laws and ordinances make these islands a place of great opportunity and varied challenges.


Key West & the Florida Keys, FL

Highsmith & Van Loon, P.A.

3158 Northside Drive                                

Key West, FL 33040

Ph: (305) 296-8851

Attorney Coordinators:

Robert E. Highsmith

David Van Loon

new york

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Our Satellite Office at 555 French Rd. 2nd Floor, in beautiful New Hartford, New York, is nestled in the lovely Mohawk Valley. This historic town was founded in 1788. Known for its beautiful park areas, excellent schools, as well as shopping facilities and fine dining, New Hartford maintains a New England charm while operating as a major commercial center in Central New York State.


New Hartford, NY

Estate Planning Law Center

Legacy Building, Suite 201

555 French Road

New Hartford, NY 13413

Ph: (315) 793-3622

Attorney Coordinators:

David J. Zumpano




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Argentina is an enchanting nation at the southern end of the South American continent. Along with the eighth largest landmass of any country in the world, Argentina also possesses an elaborate and rich cultural identity. Buenos Aires is the financial, industrial, commercial, and cultural hub of Argentina. It is a complex and energetic port city, and has served as the gateway to Argentina for centuries. Our Satellite Office is located in the center of Buenos Aires and together with the Zumpano Patricios Satellite offices in Brazil and Chile, completes Zumpano Patrcios's presence in the Southern Cone.

Contact                               Contact

Buenos Aires, Argentina                                    Buenos Aires, Argentina 

ELZEN Abogados                                                                       Navarro Garcia, Basail & Asociados                            

Ombú 2971                                                                                 Av. Santa Fe 768, p. 7º

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires                                         Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ph: 011-54-11-5365-5743                                                        Ph: 5411-5278-6940   


Attorney Coordinator:                                                            Attorney Coordinator:

Cristian Elbert                                                                            Tomás García Navarro 


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Our Satellite Office is located at the cross of Shirley and Christie Streets in beautiful Nassau, The Bahamas, and is within walking distance of the judiciary and of the Parliament of The Bahamas.


Nassau, Bahamas

Evans & Co.

Counsel & Attorneys at Law

Shirley Street
Nassau, The Bahamas 

Ph: 1-242-328-8511

Attorney Coordinators:

Thomas Evans A. E.


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An ancient city founded by Jesuits in 1554, São Paulo has become one of the world's largest cities. With over 19 million inhabitants, the São Paulo metropolitan area is responsible for over thirty (30) percent of Brazil's gross national production.

Contact                               Contact

São Paulo, Brazil                                                São Paulo, Brazil

Katz Advogados                                                                        ASGV Advogados                                                                                                    Alameda Rio Negro, 1084, 14 andar, Sala 146                      Av. Nove de Julho, 5190 - 9 andar
Alphaville, Barueri, São Paolo                                                 01407-200, São Paolo


Ph: 011-55-11-3663-5045                                                      Ph: 011-55-11-3067-5050

Attorney Coordinators:                                                        Attorney Coordinators:

Felipe Faltay Katz de Castro                                                   Pedro Antonio GV Almieda e Silva


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Founded in 1541, Santiago is one of the great cities of the South American Continent. With a population of almost six million inhabitants, Santiago is the largest city in Chile and is also the country's most important industrial and financial center. Santiago is home to many multinational companies and often serves as regional headquarters for entities doing business in South America.


Santiago, Chile

EVS Concha Abogados

Padre Mariano 210, Oficina 605

Providencia, Santiago, Chile


Ph: 011-56-2-2969-0707

Attorney Coordinators:

Pablo Concha

costa rica

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Costa Rica boasts a model democracy and stunning natural environment. Blessed by two sparkling coasts, a substantial rainforest, mountainous terrain and pristine beaches, Costa Rica has become a mecca for retirees, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and international businesses.


San Jose, Costa Rica

CRESCO Legal Costa Rica

Eurociencia Building, Office 58
San José, Costa Rica 

Ph: 011-506-4001-2177

Attorney Coordinators:

Adrian Obando
Alex Thompson 

czech republic

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Our Satellite Office in Prague is located in the central business district near the Florenc station. Prague has served as a political, cultural, and economic center of central Europe for over 1000 years. A popular business and tourist destination, Prague boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site, important museums, countless theatres, galleries, cinemas, and other historical exhibits. Zumpano Patricios's Satellite Office in Prague serves as an important hub for our clients doing business in central and Eastern Europe.


Prague, Czech Republic

Holubová advokáti s. r. o.

Za Poříčskou bránou 21/365
Czech Republic -186 00 Praha 8

Ph: 011-420-224-914-050

Attorney Coordinators:

Štěpán Holub

dominican republic

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Santiago de los Caballeros is one of the grand old cities of the Western Hemisphere. Established in 1495 under the Spanish Crown, Santiago is the Dominican Republic's second largest city and that nation's major industrial center. The Dominican Republic enjoys substantial economic ties to the United States and particularly South Florida. Together with our office in South Florida, and Satellite Offices in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe, our Satellite Office in Santiago completes an efficient bridge for clientele who seek to penetrate the Caribbean Basin or alternatively for international clientele that seek to enter the United States business market. Our geographical proximity, language competencies, and cultural compatibilities complement Zumpano Patricios, P.A.'s capacities in these venues.


Santiago, Dominican Republic

Ortiz & Compres

Calle Professor Hernandez No. 17, Jardines Metropolitanos

Santiago de los Caballeros, Rep. Dominicana

Ph: 809-226-3274

Fax: 809-226-3773

Attorney Coordinators:

Ismael Compres

Juan Carlos Ortiz


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More information coming soon.


Paris, France     

IFL Avocats              
19 Avenue Rapp    

75007 Paris, France  

Ph: 011-33-1-45-55-72-00         

Attorney Coordinator:           

Thierry Clerc                                                                                


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Holding a key financial and political position in European affairs, Germany is recognized as a scientific and technological leader with substantial economic ties to the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Germany is a natural choice for the Zumpano Patricios Satellite Offices in Northern Europe.

Bremen is a bustling seaport on the Weser River close to the North Sea and is a manufacturing and export center and home to numerous aerospace and auto-mobile manufacturers.


Frankfurt, Germany

Buse Heberer Fromm Rechtsanwälte

Steuerberater PartG mbB

Bockenheimer Landstrasse 101

60325 Frankfurt am Main                                           

Ph: 011-49-69-920-3479-0

Attorney Coordinators:

Dr. Thomas Rinne


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New Delhi is the capital of India and the country's third largest city by area. New Delhi is situated within the metropolis of Delhi and serves as the seat of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Planned by Edwin Lutyens, a leading 20th century British architect, New Delhi is known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards and houses numerous national institutions and landmarks. New Delhi overlays the site of seven ancient cities and hence includes many historic moments like the Jantar Mantar and the Lodhi Gardens.


New Delhi, India

Jafa & Javali Advocates

S-316, Panchseel Park
India, 110017

Ph: 011-91-11-416-4175-7

Attorney Coordinators:

Kirit S. Javali


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Milan is the second largest city in Italy and boasts the largest metropolitan area in Italy. Milan is also one of the major financial and business centers of the world. Indeed, if Milan were a country, it would rank as the twenty-eighth largest economy in the world, almost as large as the Greek economy. As the seat of Italian Stock Exchange, (the Borsa Italiana), the home to some of the most important businesses and financial institutions, and world-renowned have of leading high fashion and design excellence, this great Italian city is an ideal location for two Zumpano Patricios's Satellite Offices in the heart of Northern Italy.


Milan, Italy                                                

Lenzi Levoni Law Firm                                                Studio Legale Lenzi

Via Enrico Besana, 11                                                   Via Manara n. 1

20122 Milan, Italy                                                          20122 Milan, Italy


Ph: 011-39-025-0041618                                            Ph: 011-39-02-55187091

Attorney Coordinator:                                              Attorney Coordinator:

Francesco P. Lenzi                                                        Luigi Lenzi


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Our Satellite Office is located in the heart of one of the world's greatest cities: Mexico City, Mexico. As one of our nation's largest trading partners, Mexico is enjoying a growth economy. Business transactions with Mexico warrant careful planning often accompanied by detailed legal analysis of multiple areas of law, including NAFTA, immigration, labor and employment, corporate, and tax law.


Mexico City, Mexico

Chacon & Rodriguez Abogados

Av. Insurgentes Sur #1605
Piso 10 Módulo D Torre Mural
Col. San José Insurgentes C.P. 03900
Ciudad de México

Ph: 011-52-55-5662-6840

Attorney Coordinators:

Ricardo Chacon Lopez Velarde

Joaquin Rodriguez


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More information coming soon.



RBC Panama

Calle Aquilino de la Guardia, Torre Banco

General, Marbella, Piso 9

Ph: 011-507-397-3000

Attorney Coordinators:

Ivana Herrera


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More information coming soon.


Warsaw, Poland

Chalas & Partners

00-844 Warsaw
45 Gryzbowska Str.

Ph: 011-48-22-438-4545

Attorney Coordinators:

Jaroslaw Chalas


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More information coming soon.

Contact                                  Contact   

Canary Islands, Spain                                             Madrid, Spain

Bolson & S.                                                                                       Mariscal & Abogados

Calle Quiroga, No. 1, Piso 4 D                                                          Conde de Aranda 1, 2º iz
Arrecife, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain                                28001 Madrid, Spain

35500 Lanzarote

Ph: 011-34-928-072-123                                                                Ph: 011-3491-564-6432

Attorney Coordinators:                                                                Attorney Coordinators:                                            

Alexandre Bolson                                                                            Karl Lincke

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